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Heresy is to deny your love,
knowing that he saves me,
is denying your body,
When he calms me down.

Blasphemy is feel in the mouth,
the desire to kiss you,
and watch him die my kisses,
without you the share...

Slander is to ignore the calls,
my skin wanting your,
It's keeping me dressed,
When the soul is already naked.

Dishonor is not to give in,
the vagaries of passion,
is to make me deaf ears,
to the words of the heart...

Offense is dying of love,
and I his life,
is send away the happiness,
knowing that I will suffer...

Offense is stealing to life,
the best that life has,
is live it without truly,
surrender to someone...

Sin is desire your meat,
your sex on my tongue,
want you as I want,
and I like that wanes.

If there is justice in the world,
your body should take communion,
be you the Holy Communion,
I will bless.

*** Artemis * * *
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