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I don't know what is this force that pushes me,
that breaks me down,
that beats me and leads me to you...
I don't know which machines I cross,
you use me and abuse me,
and I never felt...
Is this feeling greedy,
thats so greedy,
comes over me.
Is a constant calling,
It scans at all times,
and that turns me away from the end.
Is the voice of my skin,
that sound sweet and cruel,
which leaves me in a frenzy.
I don't know what happened to your eyes,
that makes me walk,
without knowing where I'm going...
Is your mouth covetous,
that leaves my viçosa,
by kisses that give you...
I don't know what else I love,
If this delivery so much,
or this passion that enflamed.
I know just what you expect,
the four corners of despair,
This body who loved you...

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