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Care about you?

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that my will have your name,
my body complain your presence,
you wait,
that you look for,
that challenge you,
tease you,
you want how I never wanted anyone,
I reinvent myself with you,
you make me a woman,
that make me yours,
I can make you mine,
that manipulate your skin,
that confuse,
I crave her my madness,
you drink,
that you consume the senses,
that assault your mouth,
the slit with kisses hassled,
I retain in my gut,
You corner between my legs,
what you squeeze the desire,
delight me with your disorder,
you speak without words,
I look in your eyes,
and who loves you desperately...
... as if life runs out in the mix of our complexities.

*** Artemis * * *
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