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Easy Way to Record Streaming Music

Easy Way to Record Streaming Music

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by Anneliez

"How to download or record music off Internet? I recently found some gorgeous songs which I want to download to my portable devices for more conveniently entertainment. Is it possible to download or record streaming music that I'm listening on the Internet? If possible, which program can help me record music?"

If you have encontere the similar situation that want to record or dowload streaming music but don't know how to do, you are in the right place now. Here we recommend you a preofessional streaming audio recorder for you to achieve your goal of recording streaming music. This software is very easy to handle which allows you to record streaming music off Internet easily and quickly.

Tutorial: How to Record Streaming Music?

Step 1: Open Streaming Music Recorder

Once you've downloaded the software, you can then the .exe file to install it. You can open the program by ticking "Launch Streaming Audio Recorder right now" during the process of installation. You can also double click on the desktop icon to launch the software after installation.

Step 2: Start Recording Streaming Music

If you've run the program, you need click the "Record" button circled out with red lines in above pictur. After that you should access to the music you want to download and play it. Then the software will start to record streaming music instantly. A prompt will remind you once the software finish downloading streaming audio automatically. The artist, album name and cover are automatically tagged for you when you are using this software to download streaming music.

See how easy it is to download streaming music! If you just want to download or record streaming music, the Streaming Music Recorder can easily finish the whole task by just one simple click. This sotware uses a virtual sound card to record any music played through your computer’s sound card. So you can get the recorded audio files with preserving 100% of the original audio quality.

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