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Nice Latest Music Videos photos

Nice Latest Music Videos photos

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Perfect Day Latest Music Videos
Image by van.brussel With a cover of "Perfect Day", Cee-Lo Green closed an interesting concert in Antwerp last night. Cee-Lo is a musical chameleon and only the best artists can afford living different musical lives and continue to be successful. He first hit the hip-hop scene with Goodie Mob. With his superb "Soul machine" solo album - my favorite up to date - he made the perfect marriage between Soul and Funk. His biggest success so far came in his indie-outfit Gnarls Barkley. With his latest "Lady killer" album Cee-Lo totally went pop. The concert was part of the lady-killer-tour and the all female band played a rocked-up set. I always think it is a bit of a playback show when no live background vocals are around… but apart from that the night was very entertaining and it was all about Cee-Lo! The man has an inimitable voice, physique, energy and BMI… I flipped the last part of the show. The sound quality sucks… but I absolutely love the burn out effect on Cee-Lo's bold head. Watch his sweat rain down. The lady-killer had a perfect night.

Aloha Quickstep duet Latest Music Videos
Image by minipixel A jaunty little duet for Ukulele & Guitar composed in the early 1900's by Ernest Ka'ai. This arrangement is by the late John King from his book 'Famous Solos & Duets for the 'Ukulele'.

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